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May 2, 2024

Early Career Framework: Reflective Questions Around Behaviour

An editable template for ECTs and mentors, to promote discussion around behaviour support.

The Early Career Framework, or ECF, supports early career teachers in England to develop the knowledge, practices, and working habits that will set them up for a fulfilling and successful career.

To ensure alignment with the Teachers’ Standards, the content of the ECF is presented in 8 sections, each of which relates to a specific Teacher Standard, or TS:

    1. High Expectations (TS 1: Set high expectations)

    1. How Pupils Learn (TS 2: Promote good progress)

    1. Subject & Curriculum (TS 3: Demonstrate good subject & curriculum knowledge)

    1. Classroom Practice (TS 4: Plan and teach well-structured lessons)

    1. Adaptive Teaching (TS 5: Adapt teaching)

    1. Assessment (TS 6: Make accurate and productive use of assessment)

    1. Managing Behaviour (TS 7: Manage behaviour effectively)

    1. Professional Standards (TS 8: Fulfil wider professional responsibilities)

Guidance for ECTs around behaviour can be found under High Expectations and Managing Behaviour. Mentors and ECTs can download this editable template, and use the reflective questions to frame conversations around various aspects of classroom practice and behaviour support.

The standards and questions are split into two categories: Learn that… and Learn how to… and can be reviewed and revisited over the course of the statutory two-year induction process.


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