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November 23, 2023

Incident Report Form Template

This editable incident report form is a simple and practical record to collect essential information after an incident.

Use this editable incident report form template to record incidents that happen in your setting, including the use of physical interventions.

Good incident recording protects us and those we care for.

A significant incident record should:

    • Be practical and simple for everyone to use and understand

    • Contain a clear, honest, and accurate account of what has happened

    • Give a comprehensive account of the incident with specific, clear details

    • Avoid abbreviations and jargon where possible

    • Where technical terms are used, there should be reference to a glossary explaining what they mean

The purpose of keeping incident records is so people can work out what happened, where it happened, how it happened, who was there, and who did what. This also enables post-incident support analysis and learning.

This incident report form example shows one way of collecting information after an incident. It is up to individual settings to decide the best way to keep these records.

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