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April 10, 2024

Describing My Feelings Grid

A practical resource for developing emotional literacy and communication.

An important part of emotional regulation is understanding the connection between an emotion and what it makes us say, think, do, and feel in our bodies.

Through discussion, identify an emotion and populate the grid together, helping individuals to link emotions to their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Individuals can fill the grid in themselves, or practitioners may complete it on their behalf.

The ‘Describing My Feelings’ grid can then be used by everyone involved with an individual to help them recognise and understand behaviours that need support, and to inform any support plans or relevant risk assessments.

Individuals can use words, pictures, colours, and actions to respond to each statement:

  • When I feel…
  • This is what I might say…
  • This is what I might think…
  • This is what I might do…
  • This is how my body feels…
  • This is how someone might help me…



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