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April 10, 2024

Emotion Images Cards

Downloadable cards for developing emotional literacy around different feelings.

Being able to describe and articulate emotions using precise, nuanced language helps individuals to better understand how they feel.

Emotion images cards are just one way of promoting discussion with individuals around their feelings. And while we all express our emotions in different ways, these images can be a useful starting point for developing emotional literacy and vocabulary. They can also help individuals to link feelings with body language and facial expressions.

There are two sets in this downloadable pack – one for adults, and one for children – along with a blank template for individuals to create their own, either independently or with support.

Using the cards as a prompt, key questions to ask might be:

    • How do you know that person feels…?

    • What do you do when you feel…?

    • Can you describe their face?

    • How else might they be feeling?

    • Why do you think they feel…?

    • Do you think this is a comfortable or uncomfortable feeling? Why?

    • Have you ever felt like this?

    • What did you do when you felt like this?

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