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May 15, 2024

Behaviour Survey for Students

An editable survey tool for collating students’ perspectives around behaviour in school.

As educational leaders and teachers, it’s important for us to gather students’ views around our approach to behaviour, so that we can understand their perspectives, ensure we are providing the right support, and meet their individual needs.

This editable questionnaire can be distributed to the children and young people in your setting, and can be completed either independently or with support, where necessary.

There are two versions: a full version, or a simplified one. Use your knowledge of your students to decide which would be most appropriate.

Once responses have been collated, you can then decide on any appropriate follow-up actions as a staff team.

Statements include:

    • This school feels safe and calm.

    • My learning is not interrupted by others’ behaviour.

    • Behaviour is good at this school.

    • Rules are applied consistently and fairly.

    • I know who to go to if I have any worries about behaviour.

    • Every student is cared for and valued at this school.


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