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March 18, 2024

Understanding Emotions Pack

Activities and templates to explore different emotions during 1:1 sessions with an individual.

This helpful resource pack is full of activities and templates to explore different emotions during1:1 sessions with an individual.

This pack includes:

1: Intensity Arrows

Many individuals can struggle to see subtleties between emotions, or polarise feelings into ‘happy’ or ‘sad’. This activity encourages emotional vocabulary and can help individuals better express the intensity of a feeling.

2: Emotions Matrix

While no feelings are intrinsically good or bad, they all affect how we feel about ourselves. This activity allows an individual to plot emotions on a matrix of intensity helping them to perceive differences between emotions and build stronger emotional vocabulary.

Use our Emotion Name Cards to support this activity.

3: Feelings Tracker

For many reasons, our feelings – and their intensity – change over the course of day. Use this graph to plot individuals’ emotions, thinking about the underlying reasons behind them.

4: Emotion Intensity Graph

This line graph works alongside the Feelings Tracker to help individuals see the intensity of their feelings over a period of time.

5: Feelings Mind Map

This Mind Map encourages individuals to explore what an emotion looks like and feels like for them. This is a useful starting point for recognising feelings and beginning to independently use self-supporting strategies.

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